9:56 am

This might do it

I have a tendency to stay away from Shakespeare.

When I was much younger, I did my A levels twice :
- The first time around? Terribly playful, never studied, always involved in student council bullshit, cut classes, actually missed exam papers. Result? Obvious fail lol I think I was the only one in my class that had a grade X. X = No Show. Heh.
- The following year? Repeated my second year, knuckled down, stayed a good girl, studied hard, multiple distinctions.

You have to understand that the syllabus starts you out in year 1. You complete it in year 2 when you sit your A levels. So when I stayed a third year. I basically crammed 2 years of work into one year of frantic swotting. And one of my subjects was Literature. Which involved essays/arguments/critical thinking for about 5 Shakespeare plays, about 3 modern books (including Dickens, I remember HIM) and others which I'm grateful to have forgotten about.

Em. Yes. So. Shakespeare. I stay away now.

But bloody hell. 

Kevin Spacey is coming to Singapore. 

For Richard III no less :o

That's enough for me to seriously contemplate going! Argh! Want!


john said...

Wow. I'd go. In a heart-beat. and don't sell yourself short on knowledge of ol' Willy S. You have a handle on the petard-hoisting from a previous comment.

You literate person, you!

john said...

and every time (really...*every time*) I see Kevin Spacey in a movie I just wait for him to go all 'little princes in the tower' on somebody.

he could do a bio-pic of mother Theresa and I'd expect him to do something really creepy....

Great great actor. Go see this.

john said...

and whatever 'frantic swotting' is, it sounds
a) entirely too enticing to be good for you
b) bloody hard work and not much fun at all

I'm going with (a). Don't disenchant me. ;)

'nuff comenting for now. Pls forgive my over-indulgence...

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...


You're welcome to post whatever (and however much) you like :D

However, I'm a lazy cow right about now, so I'm going to summarise :

- I had to use google-fu on that pretard! ;)
- I'd go but the SGD $250 price tag is a bit heavy so am thinking twice
- alas, swotting = to study ferociously hard. But I partied and drank my way through my early twenties. Does that redeem me? lol