2:56 pm

The wonder of teh internets

Found online

Boobies should come in sounds like
A : OOooo
B : AAhhhh
C : Whooaa
D : Whaaa
DD : Holy Whaaa

Lol. Don't ask me why, but I just thought this was really funny!


og said...

Actually, some of my favorite boobie sounds are 'Wobbita wobbita" and "Flaplaplaplaplap"

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

Og, the first one must be because you're an ass man lol. And the second? Argh, any wobbly bit will do hahaha

og said...

I am i fact an ass man, but I can no more get you to email me pictures of your presumably fine backside than I can get you to mail me pictures of your boobies (though the blue boobies were quite amusing)

A guy has to try. Eventually, he catches a girl in a moment of weakness.

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

Ha :)

Og, unless one works out everyday, a 39 year old ass isn't really all THAT pretty lol

And yes, you'll just have to take my word for it!