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A new perspective

I've learnt something new! 

Posted on FB today... and my old friend's hubby commented. Very amusing, and highly educational!

Found on one of my daily haunts... " I want 3 kids. One of each".

Erm... what?
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    • Danny Teo One son one daughter one husband
      8 hours ago · 
    • Fiona Kathleen Hogan haha - husbands are kids? uh oh! ;)
      6 hours ago · 
    • Danny Teo Yes. Ask any married woman
      6 hours ago · 
    • JR Poon lol, I thought it meant one male, one female and one... (?)
      5 hours ago · 
    • Fiona Kathleen Hogan ‎@ Dan : that's amusing to think about :) Must not have occurred to me since I'm not married haha
      17 minutes ago · 
    • Fiona Kathleen Hogan ‎@ JR : yes, that's exactly what I was thinking about!
      17 minutes ago · 


Trevor said...

How are you doing V? I dumped Facebook a few months ago. It was interfering with having a real life.

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...


I'm good :) Hope you are too? You're still blogging though, which is great!

Ah, FB.. I fought the good fight and finally capitulated. Now it's just for really, REALLY fluffy things... like quips from my colleagues ;)