11:03 am


Today's the 21st.

For the entire month of Nov, including this one, I'll have only 4 posts. I used to be waaaaaay more prolific.

In the past, I used to be really ranty and angsty about a lot of things. I think I'm more mellow now. IRL I'm a little more testy - no longer polite to everyone regardless. Now I swipe back. But in blogging? Nah.... more mellow.

Might make me less interesting though..... I mean, having an opinion and sharing it allows people to form their impressions on me. I love surfing other blogs because it allows me to do the same with others whom I enjoy.

You know who you are!

But lest I seem like a stalker, my regular haunts are people who remain thoughtful, interesting, articulate, compassionate and generally.... are my betters.

Oh well. Have some fluff!

Alas, it's fake, of course. Tasers of any kind are illegal here. More's the pity, this was a reverse-psychology gimmick to promote kindness.

Damn... I would SO buy it. And use it, too!!


john said...

Man, I would buy that in a heartbeat! Use it as a learning tool in the classroom too! "Sorry Timmy, that answer's wrong"

Good times....

And they let me teach children.

And...a good rant never hurt anyone. And I really really doubt that, even at your testy-est, you're casually mean. Doesn't seem like you. I try not to be casually unpleasant, but I do have my moments .

I do find that pissy does get more blog readers but they only stay so long as they agree with you. I prefer folks like you. Mellow, able to discuss and not just piss. You're (as far as I can tell) good people. I'm sure Maddie would like you.

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...


I can imagine you WIELDING that thing with care and concern for your students PLUS a slightly sadistic air. lol.

Why is it that the people I admire are bloggers? Where are my role models in Singapore, dammit?

There's you, there's Susan Greene (The Owl House) and a few others I would pay good money to shake hands with ;)