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31 Dec 2011

I'm sitting here with 12 minutes to midnight.

Out with the old, in with the new.

No truer words for me than now.

1st Dec I started working for Oracle proper. The pay is still less than my former job but the perks are better. So are the working conditions. All in all, things are looking up. Money can be earned, but quality of life should never be compromised. This I have learnt. Plus, I've a couple of good buddies at work now. Sure, we don't exactly hang out after work, but during? There's pretty comfortable camaraderie, which is always a good thing. Good-o! 

7th Dec I met someone who is well adjusted, humble, warm, VERY personable and a Dom. He claims 20 years of experience. I believe him. I believe him through his touch, his actions, his words and his deeds. As with a lot of things BDSM related, the relationship deepened very quickly and all of a sudden, I find myself in constant contact, each and every day, with him. 

Considering I spent the last 4 years alone, the adjustment has been... interesting. A little bit painful, actually. *wry grin* Perhaps I need to get used to interactions all over again on a relationship level and re-learn how to compromise lol

The relationship however, now past the initial exploration phase, looks.... promising. Upon my observations as yet unspoken, we share similar traits. I have yet to tell him just how similar! After being single for so long, I realise I am rather nervous and don't have a bloody clue how to go about things *rolls eyes* I suppose I'll muddle along.... He is patient enough, and considerate enough, to make me feel comfortable, safe and secure without even seeming to try. Yes, he continuously amazes me. And I'm in touch with a side of me I thought I'd left out in the cold.

Everything happened in December. I expected to plod along like I always do. Suddenly, new job and new man. Whoa. What the hell just happened. *blinks*

And so. I am grateful. There have been plenty of bumps, irritations, fucktards and troughs along the way. But we're talking real life here lol.

I rather suspect 2012 will be a MOST interesting year for me; it can, and will, only get better!

I wish the same for you.


john said...

Happy New Year! I hope all the promise you see comes through!

Just remember your safe word.

and I'm thinking that it's a pity that the real world doesnt' come with a safe word. be kinda useful.

Gina said...


og said...

Don't move too fast. That's the biggest thing I can say. Don't use this all up in one swift go, savor each new moment and draw the time out as much as you dare. There will be plenty of time for being bored with one another, make it last.

And send pictures.

Anonymous said...

woohoo.... thanks for the wishes and the write-ups. i came across your blog thru wildrun. myself i love cats and has 6 wonderful babies at home. all the best to you. you have guts lady!

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

hey John!
Yes, safe word is well used lol. And I would anything to have a safe word for the world!

Why are you smiling? ;)

Hi Og,
I am taking it one day at a time. I don't know where it's heading but I am just taking it easy.... He's old (experienced) enough not to rush things to. By golly, I think he's your age, actually :D Love it!

Thanks for taking a moment to comment. Can't believe you have 6 furbabies at home! How I envy you lol

Gina said...

hahha coz I'm happy for you and that you're happy :D

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...


Regina, I'm just teasing :)) But I do confess this is a rather nervous time for me!