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Christmas 2010

10 Jan 2012

We didn't exactly have a great Christmas last year....

One week before Christmas, my Mom decides she wants to do the kitchen. She's been talking about it for a year now, but the family just ignored her. She's like that, we know her style, we leave her alone.

Then I come home one day to find a stupid action plan on the fridge. Hello, if you want people to help you, shouldn't you be checking when they are available? But not her style, eh? She sets the dates and expects people to help. And what with me and my sister working irregular days with no fixed offs.... we weren't happy obviously.

So. The house was a shambles and a mess. The entire kitchen was completely redone. New cabinets, new stove-top, new hob, new sink, new piping. Everything had to be taken out, washed, kept, then rinsed again after the dust had settled, and put back. Plus contractors, being what they are and their incredible inability to stick to schedules, we were still cleaning up and packing right up until 30 Dec. *rolls eye*

Long story short - I wasn't happy camper. *small sigh* Glad it's all over and done with now!

But because stuff was all over the place, we didn't even think of a christmas tree. Instead, we had this candle on the piano :

And presents were wrapped most hastily up in my room. On the bloody floor. Have you tried to wrap stuff without a table? It's shitty, let me assure you lol.

The tags were cute though, I thought!

Christmas day always sees us at Nanny's house for lunch. It is tradition cast in stone. Lots of food! And then.... gin rummy lol. Losers got daubed with talcum powder!

That's Desmond (soon to be bro in law) and my sister Faith, on the left; me in the middle, and Regina (sis in law) and my bro, James on the right. 

Anyways, that was it. Very low key this year. Not all a bad thing, perhaps....