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Awesome enough to be a *wee* bit creepy lol

14 Jan 2011

I want to be hot.

I made myself a half serious promise that I would SMOKIN' hot for my 40th bday this year. :D I used to joke that I want to be a fucking hot 60 year old. But now I want to *really* turn heads in 5.5 months. Heh. Yes, that's right, I intend to go down fighting lol

So anyways, this was at my mind's forefront as I walked around after dinner. Paused at the front of an Albi Fitness store. Walked in and had a look around and started chatting with the sales guy. I'm so out of shape I can't touch my toes. Ack! I intend to rectify this asap and was contemplating equipment.

After a while, sales guy pauses and asks if I was formerly from the ShangriLa Hotel.

Dudes. Holy moly. I worked for the Shang back in 2004. 2004!! And I had to wear a business suit every day and groom like a damned hotelier. And today I was in a strappy sun dress sans makeup. And he remembered me. He'd worked at the Shang too, apparently.

I was floored. Absolutely floored. This was EIGHT YEARS AGO.

I recognise that one of my..... issues? problems? quirks? is that you either love me, or hate me. Even as a child and teen. So for about a year after I left the Shang, I would get wait staff who'd left the hotel and worked elsewhere come up to me, to say hello lol. Ok, granted, I ran their F & B loyalty programmes, so was fairly prominent amongst the serving staff. But still. Dammit. I mean, it's really really really been a while. 

I'm still amazed! No, not at me. At his memory!