9:43 am

It didn't have to happen

17 Jan 2011

I've been following the Italian cruise ship saga.

Initial reports say the ship ran around on a sand bar/bank. Now reports say the ship ground up on a huge rock. How on earth could this happen?

What happened to radar? Sonar or otherwise? Don't these massive cruise ships have the (supposedly) latest in navigational aids? What happened to the watch? I know for a fact someone is always *supposed* to be on duty.

What. Bloody. Happened.

I am also surprised to find I am angry about the entire incident. This was not a natural disaster. This was not a terrorist attack. This is something that did NOT have to happen. Sure, people escaped yes, but it's not something that can be forgotten easily! Heads will roll, but that is scant, cold comfort to the survivors. Or to those who will find out that a loved one has perished. 

I will continue to follow this case, and I will not be surprised when it turns out it's 100% human error.