3:52 pm

Fighting aging - the start!

My current job gives me a fair amount of downtime.

I'm not complaining :)

But I'm trying to occupy myself, on occasion, by doing something other than idly surfing the net. And since I'm going to hit dotage status( heh, hello 40!!) this year, I thought I'd try my hand at crossword puzzles... you know, to keep the brain going?

WTF. No. No, really. WHAT the fuck? It's hilariously frustrating  0_o

I have started doing the Yahoo! Daily Crosswords. I find the words used lean heavily in the direction of Americanism. Ok, not surprised there. But heck! I thought crossword puzzles were one word? In the yahoo version, it's sometimes up to 3 words that form a phrase, dammit. And today I encountered "agglomerate". I mean... ARGH!

Anyhoo.... I'll just find an international version eventually, I suppose. But I'm finding crossword puzzles to be generally quite fun! Have only just started, and being online you get hints and solves which is great, so we'll see how it goes :))