3:58 pm

Yeah baby!

21 March 2012

Came across this very entertaining post on BBC - it's called "How the world's first rock concert ended in chaos".

Made damned good reading, if you ask me.... a bit of history, a bit of lore, a bit of humour, and a whole lot of education! 60 years ago. Good grief. Has it really been that long?

Headlining the Moondog Coronation Ball that night 60 years ago was Paul Williams and his Hucklebuckers, supported by Tiny Grimes and his Rockin' Highlanders, the Dominoes, Varetta Dillard and Danny Cobb. Tickets were $1.50.

One of the few photos from the event shows the men in flannel suits, saddle shoes and fedora hats, while the immaculately coiffed women wear dresses with pinched-in waists and high heels.

How about them names? Still way cooler than what we have now lol. And suits? Hats? Dresses? Heels? Hooooo boy. Rock n roll has come a long way! 

And it's funny, for me... I came to rock late in my teens, early 20s. Groups which I had no interest as a younger adult now fascinate me no end with their music as I approach 40 lol.

I'd have LOVED to be part of that moment :))