2:47 pm

More cat posts? Yes please!

4 March 2012

Ah ha! I've finally gotten the chance to bread my brother's cats lol Full album is up on FaceBook but here are the ultimate results :))

Poor babies.... but so damned cute!


Susan Greene said...

Ha! I wondered if you were serious when you mentioned on FB that you were off to bread the cats!

Ranger said...

Patient animals. And Cute too!
Dunno how Maddie'd do with that.

Wait...yes, yes I do know.... ;)

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

Hey Susan,
I could not resist. heh heh heh. My brother's babies are all indoor cats and quite babied/docile. The opportunity was too good to miss!

Yes, they were putty in their mommy's hands :) But these were just the boys. The 2 girls would have none of it lol

So yes... yes... I think I know how Maddie would react. With much disdain clearly shown! haha