1:19 pm

It's a mystery!

30 April 2012

Last night I came home to this.

That's right. What looked like a crash. Had it posted to FB using my phone and by golly, it was a frustrating evening. I had had a long day and just wanted to relax with an hour of AoE. So I went old school with coffee, biscuits and a book. (Which was good too, actually!) 

 This morning, I logged on to FB to find a post from an old friend asking if there was anything else plugged into the adaptor. Which is no. I mean, even my speakers FOR the laptop are plugged in differently. Only the mouse and the USB dongle. 

 Here's where it gets weird... I unplugged mouse and adaptor so I could take the lappie out for it's checkup? On a whim, I try and start the thing up and lo! Everything booted up normally o.o Oh my god. OH MY GOD. wtfwtfwtf? I really don't understand what happened. I had a thumb drive attached to the USB dongle but that was it. 

I shouldn't be complaining.... I really shouldn't.... very grateful I don't have to squander my off day trying to get the thing fixed. Very grateful to be able to log on, play my music, get online, watch a movie or two, play my AoE. Yes, I'm quite dependent on my lappie for entertainment lol So thank you thank you thank you to whoever's listening! 

 But damn... what the hell happened?