5:40 pm

I feel it in my bones

2 May 2012

That's right.
Age is catching up on me. 
*small sigh*

I have been pretty low key for a large portion of my adult life... I haven't clubbed in AGES, I typically catch a 5pm movie after work and go home straight thereafter, and my 2 best friends and I - when we get social - tend to wrap the evening up by 10PM. And I am most certainly not a social butterfly with a large social circle.

So when I found myself with a packed weekened, I wondered if I would survive :o Let me see...
 - Sat evening, took my parents out for dinner.
 - Sun evening, accompanied an old friend to an open mic night
 - Mon evening, had dinner date (aw yeah!)
 - Tue evening, caught the Trockareros

My god. 4 nights inna row. On average, I got back about 11pm and - mind you - my shift starts at 7am. 


Yes, I woke up late for work today, got in 10 past 7am and tonight I intend to sleep early *groans* I really can't be doing things socially like this... I like quiet time when I get back home; a good 2-3 hours either playing AoE or watching a movie. Take my time to shower and get ready for bed.

I don't know how my sister does it... she's go out with her fiance after work and get back around 11pm and she's in bed by about 11.30pm. :o Argh! Amazing! No need for down time at all! 

Guess for her,spending time with her fiance IS her down time. But I can't... I need some time by myself.... just to zone out and do something mindless.

Also guess I've been alone for too long *wry grin*


og said...

Sounds like you need someone to keep you busy three or four nights a week. Pity you're not closer.

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...


I am dating someone, but he's so bloody busy! Ah well, the older I get, the less wooing I need, apparently....