11:33 am

A lesson cuts both ways

7 April 2012

That guy I was dating?


Am quite happy to be rid of his excuse ridden ass. I mean, once or twice, Ok it's believable. But all the time? Hello? Did you think I was born yesterday? I must have been lonelier, or craved a Dom's touch, more than I realised. Or just having been single for so long, may not have caught the signals I usually would have been watchful for.

Lesson learned for me, good and hard. And I never make the same mistake twice, you can be sure.

But whilst I am trying to make a clean cut of things, this fucking retard did it again : made a promise he couldn't keep.

I've been chasing for the return of my things. He kept on saying he was busy. Then suddenly, he was going away. Said he was back 1 April and that we could "sort it all out" upon his return.

Well. I waited until 6 April and nothing. Not even a text to say "I'm checking for dates". So I shot him an email and threatened to file a police report for criminal breach of trust. (regretfully, I couldn't file for theft). Holy shit, I got a reply in 2 minutes. And his excuse? "Honestly, Fiona, I forgot". Now I'm just waiting to see if he can pull his shit together to allow me 10 minutes to retrieve my things from his place.

oh, and FUCK YOU and your pathetic excuses. I am not afraid to see you in court for a miserable SGD $200. I have nothing to lose. I have all the emails and SMSs to back me up and prove that there is no good faith involved. I was so livid yesterday, I had a fantasy daydream of me in court, listing out all the documented incidents and proving he's a useless piece of shit. Good times! lol

Yeah, hell hath no fury is right. He's about to be reminded.