9:03 pm

Uh oh, he saw through me.

3 April 2012

I've realised my dressing has changed over the years.

Gone are the clubbing outfits, obviously. Also gone are the constant 3 inch heels. Also, the fancy handbags. Oh, and the colours. Let me see.... now I tend to wear my hair up all the time because it's hot or in my face, I don't wear/need make up (with mascara though? I flutter with the best of'em lol), I practically live in my denim skirts, cotton t-s and tops and I usually wear one colour scheme/shade with no patterns or designs. Usually black, grey, blue, cream and white. Those are pretty much the colours of my current wardrobe. Very staid, eh?

Ok, I was thinking I am a bit of a plain jane now, until I remembered my swingy thigh length sundresses lol

But I digress!! The point I am trying to make is that I usually look pretty normal and demure. Demure, that is, until I light a ciggie and start casually swearing....

What, you guys don't know I behave myself on my blog? ;P

Seriously, I have met quite a few men who have underestimated, or overlooked me, or taken me for granted.... usually resulting in their chagrin, disappointment, embarrassment and/or public execution.

Tonight, however, quite the opposite. I shared something personal with this chap I am getting to know and he called me wild. As in, I think he is bloody impressed with me. And I am so tickled! Heh! Sweet chap though, and I'm quite looking forward to meeting him again.

Ah me, this should be interesting!