12:30 am

Singapore visit!

7 June 2012

I had relatives visit in May :)

Actually, Uncle Errol makes it a point to come back every couple of years.. but then again, they only moved to Calgary Canada about 22 years back. So he still has roots, in a way.

But my cousin.... ahha! Jenna was 8 when they moved, and like she said, to all intents and purposes, she was a tourist! The primary reason, however, for her trip was to see Nanny. Nan is 91 now, and we all know her time is near :( I'm just glad Jenna had a chance to come back

Album, as always, is up on FB and you're welcome to peruse the pictures. But for now, a smattering....

Jenna admiring this HUGE grouper

After all that walking, a beer was in order!

At Nan's house, some of the food :)

My Nan, in her chair. She'll be 92 this year, I believe. Go Nanny!

The sons : L-R my dad. Uncle Errol, Uncle Gordon

Singapore river outing... this is Clarke Quay, all prettied up

This is Boat Quay, earlier in the evening. And yes, that is the view from the river's edge :)

I love how all the old converted godowns are now housing all these food and booze places... and yes, that is the CBD area right next door :D

Good times!