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Little India foray

6 June 2012 


Me and 2 of my buddies at work ventured out to Little India in search of nommy food o.o

 My all time favourite food is poori... I LOVE me some poori! It's crispy when it comes to the table, and inflated like anything. lol. Bloody fun food to have!

This one is pretty large by poori standards, but very very good. NOM! I only deflate the one I am going to eat first, I have my own technique lol

And then we walked down Little India to my favourite sweet shop. Oh my god, this place drives me nuts! I can never tell what sweet is what, but I'll just point to whatever looks good (and they ALL do) and the sales girls will happily tell me, and sometimes offer a sample.

Inside the shop - look! look! Lookit at all those indian sweets! They'll be the death of me one day because a lot of them are made with ghee and condensed milk lol. Surprisingly, this time, they were not as sweet as I remembered. But sugar as a commodity has become expensive, and I think they're trying to make the sweets a wee bit healthier. Whatever the case may be, I ain't complaining!

PS The grief I am HAVING with the bloody pagination!!!! 
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john said...

Oh, I *do* love me some Indian food. LadyRanger and I have several wonderful Indian cookbooks and try our best to get t hings right. I even have a no-cook recipe for kulfi! Nom of all noms. Had a Pakistani friend over for dinner once and served her a nice fish dinner. SErved her the kulfi (without mentioning what it was) and was rewarded with amazed delight over being able to find such a wonderful Pakistani treat. I do love Indian food.

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

OH my dog, that looks amazing o.o

And I've never had it before! Haha, probably because most indian sweets served here are out in trays waiting to be gobbled up :))

Perhaps I should try it at home too!

john said...

I'll swing by again soon and type you the recipe. Very easy. Very yummy ice-cream.

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

Heh, you're very kind John! Thanks! There's a lot of recipies out there though....

I had read your original comment whilst at work. I shared it with a couple of colleagues and now we're ALL determined to have this now! lol