9:56 pm

Woo, one down... one more to go!

18 June 2012

Can't believe it... I loaded everything from my Bangkok trip.

Haha. Normally it takes me up to a week! But I don't really have the time right now... I'm back at work on Wed, will work for a week and a half, then I am off to Koh Samui for my traditional bday week of solitude.

I'll need it!! The women I traveled with believe in packing their schedules. As in, out by 7am, home by 10pm, repeat for 3 days. :o 

Anyways, pics are loaded on FB; it's a public album so for my friends who aren't on FB, please feel free to view'em! For now, though, here's a sampling :)

Local prayer corner.

Original floating market.

Food, glorious food!

I tried to eat a bug. And failed lol

The ladies in Bangkok

I had a pretty interesting experience.... I may want to go again! s'just a 2 hour flight; a hop, skip and jump away! 

Wwweeeeeee  :D