8:21 pm

I think this one's not for me.

26 June 2012

I am a little peeved at this one person.

Met him in March, t'was a rocky start when I found out I had to do the "chasing" but he confessed he wasn't good with EQ and "all that fuzzy stuff". So I have it a shot, gave him a chance, and took the lead. By golly, I persevered.

But 4 months down the line, nothing's changed. 
*rolls eyes*
I gave up SMSing him (I don't do the SMSes, he said), so OK, I told him call me anytime you wish after 4pm. Nope, no calls. So ok, he's busy. VERY busy. But he's online! So there's hope, yes? No. He's online, but not there. I can send a gazillion messages and get no reply. Oh, and his way of greeting me online is you there? I see him, if lucky, once or twice a month.

So I decided to test things... it's what women do, right? We test. So I didn't do a single goddamned thing. He'd be online, I'd log on, and I'd wait for him to - at least - notice me. And oh joy! He doesn't even see me online. 

He's in the same country constantly and yet! And yet! I get more interaction with other people who are traveling 3 weeks out of 4. So what's up with that?

I don't want his money, although it is a challenge to go out with him because I pay for every single thing on my own and he certainly does live the good life. Heh, his rent is small change to him, and it's significantly more than my gross monthly salary *wry grin*

He has cats! But my love for the kittehs and men who love cats are tremendously overshadowed by the fact that he can't be bothered to to give me the time of day.

And the best part? I think he is insecure about our "relationship" lol. Like when I returned from Bangkok. He sent me a message asking about my trip, and I said I would like to go back and do things at my own pace. And he suddenly asked if I was going to BKK to look for a Dom. Sorry? Where the hell did that come from? He knew I was with 2 other women so what gives??

He's 55 this Aug, he's been married before, he networks heavily and counts C-level people as drinking buddies, he hosts parties. Oh, and he hasn't taken the lead, in anything, with me : he hasn't touched me to indicate interest, he definitely hasn't tried to kiss me, or flirt with me, or convey in any way, shape or form that he wants or desires me. And yet, he expects to pick up from where he left off. Which, come to think of it, is actually nowhere lol



I need MUCH more communication than you're willing to give, to keep me interested. Your status, career prestige and whatever else you have going on is just surface distraction. I am only interested in the man and IF that man is interested in me as well. And if you can't show me, then it's just empty words. *shrugs*

I'm just going to go on being passive lol. I refuse to do anymore chasing. And I'm going to be a bit more pointed in my communication with him. Let's see if he gets the hint lol

In the meanwhile.... next better man please :D