5:19 pm

I want a part III

Holy shit, you guys have got to see HellBoy II.

I caught it, just last night, midnight screening, at a bloody full house on a Thursday night. My god, don't people have to work? lol.

And I think I'll be going again soon. woo!


og said...

sweeet! I didn't see the original until TV, but this looks like it would be a good theater show

Bernadette said...

I'll catch I first and then watch II with you the next time! :)

2Vamp said...

I watched it because of Roon Perlman and I have never looked back! woo!

Yes please! lol. Thursday!!

2Vamp said...

That should be RON Perlman.

I don't know.... what will the man think of me now?
*wry grin*