9:35 pm

Ohmigawd, are you sure?

Yes, that was my reaction to an article post on Reuters.
It's entitled "Job for BLIND air traffic controller "
Yes, you heard me.
This calls for a ZMOGWTF reaction lol.

Here, read it for yourself :)

Air traffic controller is a job which demands 20/20 vision - but that hasn't stopped airport bosses from advertising the job in Braille.

St Mary's airport on the Isles of Scilly claim they were forced to advertise the £36,000 job to blind people because of equal opportunity guidelines. The advert stated that all applicants must have excellent vision in order to guide aircraft safely into the hilltop airport, which is often fogbound.

But under this was the note: "If you require this document in an alternative language, in larger text, Braille, easy read or in an audio format, please contact the Community Relations Officer."

The Civil Aviation Authority say all air traffic controllers have to meet international standards and pass a medical, including a stringent eye test.

Doh! Don't fly to Scilly! lol


og said...

Yeah, we have braille at drive up bank windows here. What blind person drives to the bank?

2Vamp said...

Braille at a adrive through?

The powers that be are taking things a little too far, eh?