6:22 pm

The wait is over

3 May 2012

Aw yeah.

I KNEW there was a reason for working for Oracle .....

And that is free movie tickets lol

Oracle is having a special screening for staff tomorrow night for The Avengers. w00t! The official announcement from HR was that it was a reward. Heck, me and my colleagues are the newest staff since they took back their call centre ops but we registered for seats anyways haha.

There are more staff than cinema seats, so these are... literally... hot tickets :))

Oh, and the tickets came with that huge-ass poster... I came back from my lunch break to see the thing covering my table. It's... like... A3 or bigger. WTF? Loads of snickering because I view the thing as dismal brainwashing. I don't know what to DO with it so it's perched on my shelf for now.

Anyone want it? lol

omgOMGomgOMG. I'm going to see The Avengers!!!  I have waited almost 2 years for this final assembly and YEAH I am looking forward to seeing this.

And if that's not enough, I am taking out the Funky Aunty and her hubby next week to see this. Yes, I'm treating them to seats at the Platinum Movie Suites. wooooooo! It's a token for all my aunt has done/given to me and I *know* they're really looking forward to the outing :) 

There is also a DISTINCT possibility that there will be a third time lol I hear that 3D is awesome! 

 Ahem. Yes. I like me my movies :))