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A new man! haha :)

15 July 2012

By golly, I'm really enjoying Peter F Hamilton

I first read him when I got my hands on Fallen Dragon, which was (thankfully) a standalone.  I hate getting books only to find out it's part of a series. Fallen Dragon was intriguing and interesting and I've read it a few times already. 

Then I got my paws on The Evolutionary Void, which was equally interesting. That was, however, a bit of a bummer for me because I got the copy on a whim, only to realise it was book 3 of a trilogy (Dreaming Void and Temporal Void). Argh! So I managed to get the first 2, and they've *all* been cool reads so far.  Yes, again, I've read the series a few times too.

And then I found Pandora's Star - which was good. And I'm halfway through the continuation, Judas Unchained, and it is GREAT. To top it off, by some amazing fluke, all 5 books are part of a series so the characters are all familiar to me. I'm a bloody happy camper right about now :)) 

PFH has been consistent and worthy and I think I'm in love lol. Much to my delight, he has about 10 other books in publication currently and I shall slowly collect them ALL.

I've also been to the author's page and guess what? He has kitties! Aw.... any man who loves his kitties is all right by me!


PS yes yes, all scifi, thanks very much. And awesome!

PPSS couldn't resist... HAD to take a picture of the Hamilton babies sitting on my shelf lol Take a bow, my newest babies, and enjoy the company of my other babies!


john said...

Never heard of this guy, but I'll look him up on your recommendation. I'm always ready to give a new book a chance. And, hey, cats. what more can a person ask?

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

John :))

PFH is a british author, one of the newer writers.... and I hope he continues writing for a long time haha

Anonymous said...

im gllladdd you got your comment page fixed.... seven cats mom (was six)