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26 July 2012

Share something interesting with you guys....

Boiled jackfruit seeds!

Jackfruit's really tropical, and an acquired taste. Not only that, the seeds can be boiled and eaten. Yum yum yum! The cooked seed tastes a little buttery, crumbly, and the meat of the seed looks like a brazil nut. Just wanted to post it as it's quite rare, apparently, to be eaten. I didn't know, only when my dad mentioned that it's the Malays and Peranakans who ate them did I realise.

Not a lot of seeds though, I brought home only about 7 pieces of the fruit. 1 got eaten (I couldn't wait lol) and 1 was dropped into the sink and was therefore thrown away. But the remaining... ah, the remaining seeds. I'm just waiting for them to become chilled!

NOM nom nom!


Anonymous said...

... ow..... you de-linked me!.... ahh, that is ok..... but hey, those seeds look like really weird hazelnuts....


Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...


Sorry about that - all fixed now. And yes, them seeds are very tasty :D