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Inner diva

25 Nov 2012

Shoes... oh god. Shoes.

Bane of a woman's life. 

Provider of thrills and shivers of excitement.

And in my case, one very amused salesgirl.

See... it all started out by me trying to adapt a pair of high heeled black sandals I had for my photoshoot. I bought black velvet ribbon about 2 weeks back and sat on them things. Then yesterday, I dug out them heels and today, I brought them to work and my and a buddy tried out various things. Had something very specific in my but didn't want to blow money on shoes I won't wear after the shoot. But... dammit... I wasn't really happy with any of the results.

Later in the evening, I picked up my red agate set which I'd sent for cleaning. I actually left the mall, then did a double take. Second floor was devoted to women so I thought I'd try my luck. And yup... in a corner shop, catering to the early 20s very fasionable set, I found a pair of heels.

I now own a pair of hoochie mama heels lol Ok, ok.... possibly not HOOCHIE hoochie mama heels. But I'll tell you what.... I'll never, ever wear this pair of heels after the shoot. But I bought it anyways because it matches the red/black feather boa I had bought. Almost perfectly matched by, perhaps, a half percent in terms of shade.

I've noticed this about myself... I'm a regular plain jane, preferring people to judge me by my actions, but when the time is right, I tend to swing the other way out. Way out. 

And the grinning salesgirl? Because the first step I took made me wobble very dangerously lol. She brought it down one size and then I could take baby steps. Baby. Steps. I think I've forgotten how to swing my hips when wearing heels. About to loose my woman card soon, dammit. Fortunately, I'll do something about once a year that reminds me of how to BE a woman haha.

So. The photography shoot is shaping up to be VERY interesting.


Fiona said...

How the fuck are the spammers getting through???

Unknown said...

It's sad to see all the spam on your blog V. How did the shoot turn out?

Trevor, from willtoexist.com.

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

Hey Trevor,

Thanks for popping by; long time no see!

Shoot went well, the experience was good. Highly recommended for you and your sweetheart, if you guys haven't done it already! lol