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Where do I find myself now?

19 Jan 2013

Whew... where did 2012 go?

And here we are, more than stuck in to 2013 and I have a feeling this year will whizz past just as quickly.

2012 was interesting in various ways... I settled into my new job and my initial opinion that my team is run by a bunch of cowboys has solidified. What they term as "flexible" and "quick" thinking, I view as rudely planned, coarsely implemented and poorly executed. The company is solid and will never go under, I suspect. 

But the people... People are people everywhere. If they can't see it, it doesn't exist. Like a horse with blinkers. I think I should speak to Elisson because he worked in a blue chip tech company too, although from a MUCH higher perspective lol So, work is not demanding but management sucks. I am thinking that perhaps I should move. 

My motivation isn't money, although I need a base amount to get by. Also wondering if I should push off my slacker's skin and rejoin corporate again for two reasons : monetary stability (my parents are getting old and I worry a little about their financial safety net :o) and mental stimulation. Some days, work is slack enough that I can surf around and watch a movie online. *rolls eyes* Good deal, but it can only last for so long. 

I've also realised that I am interested in people, as opposed to places and things. Which is odd because I think most people are idiots. 2012 was the year of people, in a way, too. :) 

I went to Bangkok with my old friends in June. First time there. Had avoided the place like a plague as Singaporeans go there in droves for the cheap shopping (2 things I'll go out of my way to avoid) but we went off the beaten track and I had a rather interesting time. 

In July, instead of taking off for my birthday alone as is my wont, my favourite aunty asked to join me. And we had a blast!

The funky aunty is loaded, so she stayed in the private pool villa which I managed to snag in 2011 at a steep discount. I stayed at my usual room, one step down. Am not complaining, that had a cool view too :) 
So.... when I expected solitude, I had plenty of good company. 

And lastly... lastly, I gathered enough courage to do a private photoshoot to celebrate my turning 40 in 2012.

So all in all, I am pretty happy with the way things went last year. I am still feeling restless and aimless going into 2013, but I am also curiously hopeful and cheerful that things will be better. 

Oh my, I didn't mention the men. First, the asshole. Then I met a marketing specialist who verbally said he was interested, but basically put me on a shelf for a long long time. Ok. Fine. Then I met an engineer who turned out to have more hysterics and drama than I could stomach. Which is very VERY little. He got the old heave ho. Lastly, met a business man who disappeared after two dates 0_o 

Still, each man brought me an experience that reminded me of the pitfalls and perils of dating. I am, quite frankly, surprised I even met 4 initially potential datees. Viewed as experiences regained, I count myself lucky for having had them; it's pretty hard to meet people the older one gets. So 2012 was interesting.... I feel I've gotten a new perspective on old things/matters and I might even be a little more mellow. My god. I'm going to either downright crotchety or a complete marshmallow by the time I am 50 lol 

And thus I enter 2013, a little hopeful. Which, all in all, can't be bad. What's that I  always say?

OH yes, that's right : ever onwards and upwards! Wahey! :))


Susan said...

The photos are gorgeous. I've written off men, so I can't comment there. ;)

og said...

All I can say is... wow. Very nice indeed.