9:37 pm

It's decided

2 Nov 2012

With the year coming to a close, I've decided.

I've *finally* decided to go ahead and have a series of nude/lingerie shots taken of me. It took me a few months to broach the waters but I'm taking the plunge with Kelvin Lim

After a few emails to touch base, I finally visited him at his studio/residence today. Met his wife Elaine, and we chatted for almost an hour. Just getting a feel for each other. I am very VERY pleased to note that his emails reflect the genuine warmth of the person. And the conversation and laughter flowed easily. 

He's about 25% more expensive than a regular studio, but I seem to trust him well enough. He has a genuine warmth and energy that makes me feel at ease with him.

There are the extras, of course, like hair and makeup, and the options to change outfits. Some cheaper places charge more for these things and I might as well take my money to someone who has positive reviews and, more importantly, repeat clients. 

Of course! I did my homework ;p So all in all, most pleased and I walked out of there with an incredibly positive feel for this adventure. Good. After all, this man will be taking nekked pictures of me o.o   

woo! I am going to my 40th year in style!